Star Health offers a range of payment options to suit your needs.

GP Service

We offer a mix of bulk billing, rebated and non-rebated services, depending on your circumstances.

Our reception staff will provide you with information about fees and appointments.

We understand that your life can be busy and ask that you advise us within 24 hours if you need to reschedule an appointment.

Physical Health Services

Podiatry, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Diabetes Education, Dietetics, Speech Therapy, Counselling & Nursing

Fees range between $10 (Health Care Card Holders) and $90 depending on your circumstances.


Children – FREE

Due to government subsidies, there is currently no charge for:

  • Children up to 12 years of age
  • Children who have a Medicare Child Dental Benefits Voucher or a Health Care / Concession Card


Health Care / Concession Card Holders – $28 per visit / $67.50 per denture

Non card holders – affordable low fees (prices may vary according to your treatment):

  • Oral examination              $53.55
  • X-ray                                 $37.65
  • Scale and clean                $91.20
  • Removal of plaque           $54.70

Our full fees procedure is available on request.

Counselling, Mental Health, Drug and Alcohol Case Management

Free for eligible clients.

Our full Fees Procedure is available on request.